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Posted June 29, 2020

Fife to Ayr - Sons of Harmony 125crew

Let's face it, riding is so much more fun when you ride with others. This is why wherever you find motorbikes, you'll find a bike crew. You and your mates tearing up the tarmac heading out on adventures is what it's all about. Super bike owner, Scott got in contact with us to tell you about one of his trips from coast to coast...


Lexmoto Vixen

Burntisland, Fife / Ayr, Ayrshire


Not much was done in the way of preparation for the Vixens coast to coast trip. An oil change and a thorough checkover that's about it! I had previously fitted a new chain and sprocket kit, a bigger Carburettor and jets, LED bulbs all-round and a new, more powerful, ignition coil from an Aprilia RS125. None of these modifications were necessary for the trip however!


My favourite part of the trip was sitting in a bar in Ayr after our 106 mile journey with everyone reminiscing about the days journey and our mighty bikes. I had a fantastic sense of accomplishment tackling the freezing conditions and I was very proud of my Lexmoto Vixen! Just to give you an idea of how shocking the conditions were, we never passed another motorcycle the entire trip!


I was very pleased with how the Vixen handled the freezing conditions and slippery salty roads.

One thing I love about the Vixen is - it is motorcycling stripped back to basics and what we as motorcycle riders fell in love with in the first place. This is often lost as we progress to bigger machines. And it goes to prove you don't need the latest 1000cc showroom queen to have great fun! And I can definitely say I've had more fun on my Lexmoto Vixen than I have on any big Superbike!

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Congratulations Scott, you made it into the Lexmoto Adventure Club! We're looking forward to hearing about your future adventures.

If you completed a 200 mile+ round trip on your Lexmoto, get in touch. We just need some photos for proof and we'll send you an exclusive Adventure Club t-shirt and a £50 CMPOPARTS.COM voucher, if we publish your story.

Safe riding.

Adventure Club

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