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Lexmoto recall campaigns

The safety of our customers is our priority. We will always inform you if there is an issue with your Lexmoto, so that it can be rectified as soon as possible.

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Check to see whether your Lexmoto is part of a recall campaign.

Before you begin, it is helpful to have the following information:

Your Registration or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

This can be found on your vehicle and on your V5.

Customer Support
A recall is a process initiated by a manufacturer to address a potential concern about the safety or quality of a product. Any product in the UK can be recalled, such as food, toys, electrical goods and tools. Every year, different types vehicles are recalled by many manufacturers for various reasons and Lexmoto is no exception. Paramount, we care about the safety of our customers but also the quality of the products we offer and therefore, where we find any issue that may affect either you or our product, we will initiate a recall to repair or rectify these issues as swiftly and efficiently as possible.
Lexmoto owners can always find out if their vehicle is affected by a recall by entering either their registration number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on this page. This will query our vehicle database and tell you if your vehicle is affected by any recall.
Occasionally there is a delay in registration numbers being linked to vehicles on our database. If this is the case, you can enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) instead. This is located in your V5 registration document, stamped into a VIN plate on the vehicle chassis, or stamped into the vehicle chassis itself. Your user manual should help you locate this information if you do not have access to your V5 document.
Your best course of action if you find that your vehicle is subject to a recall is to contact your nearest Lexmoto dealer to arrange for a repair to be completed. You may also contact us directly and our dedicated staff will answer your query as quickly as possible.
Where there is a recall for your vehicle, it is because we have discovered an issue with the vehicle that may impact on the safety of the user or the vehicle itself. It is important that this issue is repaired to ensure your safety and the quality of the vehicle you have purchased.
If your vehicle is affected by a recall, you may be contacted by your Lexmoto dealer. In certain circumstances you may be contacted by Lexmoto head office or the DVLA. This will occur if there is a STOP DRIVE NOTICE affecting your machine. If you are uncertain, please use the tool on this page to check your registration or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to see if your vehicle is affected.
A STOP DRIVE NOTICE is a notice issued directly to vehicle owners whose vehicles are affected by an issue that may impact on the safety of the rider or the machine. If you receive, or discover from any source, that your vehicle is affected by a STOP DRIVE NOTICE, then you must stop using the vehicle immediately and contact your nearest Lexmoto dealer to arrange for the vehicle to be repaired.
No. Using your vehicle after you have been issued with a STOP DRIVE NOTICE will cause your insurance to be invalid and you must not attempt to use the vehicle.
You can use the Lexmoto Recall Checker above to check whether or not your vehicle is affected by a recall. If you are unsure you are invited to contact us to ask for information relating to your vehicle.
Please contact us to let us know that you no longer own the vehicle and also make sure that you have informed the DVLA.
Please use the online system above to check whether your vehicle is affected by a recall and whether it has been completed on your vehicle. If you are still unsure, please contact us and we will be happy to let you know if your vehicle has been affected.
No. Any repair that is subject to a recall must be completed by a licensed Lexmoto Dealership technician.
While we make every effort to repair customers vehicles as swiftly as possible, we cannot guarantee a timescale for your personal vehicle to be repaired. This can be for many reasons including the availability of your Lexmoto Dealer technician or the immediate availability of replacement parts. Please be assured that we work tirelessly to provide as efficient a service as possible to keep you on the road quickly, and safely.
No. Recall repairs are not charged to the vehicle owner and costs are covered by Lexmoto. If there is a STOP DRIVE NOTICE affecting your vehicle then Lexmoto will cover the cost of transporting your vehicle to your nearest Lexmoto Dealership. Please note, we will NOT cover the cost of returning the vehicle to you if delivery is necessary and you should make arrangements to collect the vehicle from your dealer yourself.
Lexmoto will not directly provide you a replacement vehicle. While we endeavour to repair vehicles as swiftly as possible, we are not able to offer any replacement vehicles during the recall process. Your local dealer may have loan or hire vehicles available at their own discretion but we do not have influence over their decision whether or not to offer a replacement vehicle service.
We recommend that you act promptly if you find your vehicle is affected by a recall. If you have been issued a STOP DRIVE NOTICE you must stop using the vehicle immediately and have the repair completed before continuing to use the vehicle.
You will need to make alternative arrangements to travel until the recall repair has been completed. We do not cover costs for alternative transport, public transport or any other travelling costs while your vehicle is off the road.
Our dealership network can experience very busy periods and may not be able to offer a repair quickly however you are welcome to have any recall repair completed at any of our Lexmoto dealers.
We recommend that you act promptly for each recall and that, to reduce any possible risk or quality issue, book your vehicle in with your Lexmoto dealer as soon as possible in each instance.
A recall does not affect the resale value of a vehicle. This is based on independent studies looking at vehicle depreciation rates and recalls.
Yes, you can but you will need to inform the new keeper of the recalls affecting the vehicle.
No. Our Lexmoto Dealer Technicians will carry out the recall repairs and take every care to make sure that you experience no further issues following the recall repair.
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