Rider Benefits

Riding a Motorcycle has many benefits that you may not have even considered. Here are a few of the most prominent reasons why more and more people are switching to two wheels.

Affordable new models

The main reason people start considering a motorcycle is money. Second hand products can be great but they can also be a great disappointment if you've been unfortunate to pick up a bike that may not have been taken care of by a previous owner. When you buy a new bike you have the support of a warranty and a dealer to contact in the event of assistance or servicing being required.

Save Time

Using a Motorcycle for a commute can save you around 20 minutes off the average commute every day. The savings primarily come from the ability to filter through traffic which also makes the time you arrive at your destination much more predictable. How many times have you been late due to traffic?

Better Fuel Efficiency

With the price of fuel rising, driving a motorcycle can save a considerable amount of money compared to a car. 100mpg figures are achieved through the majority of models across the range without the need of heavily priced hybrid or electric systems being present.

Environmentally Friendly

Motorcycles use less oil and produce less carbon emissions than their four-wheeled counterparts. Enjoy the fresh air in your face while knowing you are contributing to cleaner air through driving a motorcycle.

Toll charges

If you live in an area with lots of tolls for bridges or tunnels, you can save money by driving on two wheels. Most of the time Motorcycles are completely exempt if not heavily reduced in cost. Motorcycles and Scooters are also exempt from the London Congestion charge which makes them ideal inside the city.


Motorcycle insurance is considerably cheaper than car insurance. You will likely find that you are able to cover the cost of a new bike, insurance, rider wear and training for less than the cost of insurance alone on a car if you're a teenager.

Safe Riding

Studies have been done to show that driving a motorcycle raises cognitive functioning. Driving a motorcycle encourages one to be in-the-moment, shifting gears frequently and keeping your eye on the road for potential obstacles. The generally higher riding position allows better anticipation of risks and allows new riders to obtain a better understanding of the risks around them as a road user. Typically insurance companies estimate that Motorcycle riders make better car drivers also with a 20% better record after research. With government statistics supporting that motorcycling safety is at its best since 1921 and that you're 20 times less likely to injure yourself on a motorbike than you would do on a horse, Motorcycling is much safer than many are aware.

That being said we always recommend that any rider invests in professional training and protective equipment before riding. A fundamental difference in the event of an accident is that the Rider plays a much bigger factor in the outcome. Their choice of speed and equipment used can make a big difference to how they are likely to avoid serious injury in the event of an accident. The simple factor is that Cars are designed to crash and motorbikes are not. Airbags, Seat Belts, Crumple zones are all found in cars to minimise the effects of an accident if it occurs. Motorcycle riders make choices whether to wear appropriate helmet, boots, clothing, High visibility and decide upon how they are going to ride. Needless to say a careful rider is a safe rider.

Easier Maintenance

Although maintenance costs can be expensive for a motorcycle, learning how to work on one isn't as daunting as you might think. Lexmoto uses simple engine designs that were developed by Japanese companies and use carburettors that help make them accessible to work on. Through working with Haynes we have assisted in creating guides that can help you learn how to work on your motorcycle and carry out repair work by yourself. We'd always recommend getting a professional to keep your bike running to its best ability and to maintain the warranty but the point is that you have the choice available to make your own decision.


Finding a place to park is much easier on a motorcycle. The majority of Parking areas have motorcycle specific parking bays available free of charge without time restrictions.

More Fun

Riding a Motorcycle or Scooter is fun! When you're in a car it's like doing paint by numbers by trying to stay inside the lines. When you Ride a bike you have a much larger canvas to play with! You can pick lines for corners adjust your positioning for junctions. When you drive a car it can be a matter of getting from A to B with gadgets to make it bearable. When you ride a bike you get inspired to ride for fun! A sunny day sees the road filled with riders enjoying travel by two wheels but Car drivers rarely get this pleasure. There's also a huge social aspect to motorcycling. Motorcyclists nod to one another as they pass. They have Biker meets and festivals. Social evenings and get togethers. When you ride a bike you become part of a community!

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