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If you ask most new motorcycle owners why they are learning to ride a scooter or motorcycle, then almost every answer that you receive will be related to the economy or the pure joy of riding. For many years, we have been supplying scooters and motorcycles to the UK and beyond, and have seen the joy that our vehicles can give their riders, both new and experienced. We have also seen how the economic virtues of these vehicles severely cut daily commuting costs, and it is these two ideals that form the cornerstone of our philosophy.

At Lexmoto we firmly believe that everyone should be able to ride; whatever the age or ability. Not only this, but everyone should be able to afford to ride, and benefit from the exceptional fuel economy and running costs that our vehicles provide. Above all, everyone should love riding their bikes. It is with this passion that Lexmoto was formed, and it is put to use in everything we do; from sourcing the vehicles, to delivering them to you through our dealers.

Because we believe that everyone should ride we choose our models to reflect this, offering a wide selection of vehicles that are as versatile as the people who ride them. Robust and reliable, these models are a doorway to a fun and affordable method of transport.

We don't just believe in our products, either: we invest heavily in selecting who represents our products and can support you in your purchase, and our Dealers all have years of individual experience and technical expertise to help you on your way. We also make sure our dealers have access to every single Lexmoto part, allowing them to repair your vehicle to the levels that we demand and you expect. We know that if you are in a situation that needs a replacement part then you've already suffered enough without the hassles of waiting for an expensive fix. Our parts backup is entirely UK based, and is priced at a level that can set you back on the road as soon as possible.

With constant fuel price increases, higher vehicle running costs, road taxes, and specialist high-tech maintenance charges, the cost of everyday transport is a serious and stressful issue for many road users. Yet the need for travel has never been greater. Lexmoto introduces the world of 2-wheeled motoring to all. The welcoming range of vehicles is there for all tastes and walks of life; economic, fun, versatile. That's the Lexmoto way.


Lexmoto has worked hard to develop the best possible services. During the early days of 2017 we started the year with recognition from BDN and we were awarded a Merit for Scooter franchise of the year 2017. All of our hard work has culminated on Lexmoto being awarded Scooter Franchise of the year in 2014 and 2016 whilst also picking up a Merit for Motorcycle franchise of the year in 2016. The BDN awards are voted for by dealers and in 2016 over 3500 independent trade votes saw Lexmoto take the prizes. The Motorcycle franchise award was missed by only 5 votes to see Yamaha take top prize. Not bad for a Chinese motorcycle brand! Lexmoto has achieved significant sales in the UK market. Despite only selling 50cc and 125cc models Lexmoto has ranked as highly as the 3rd biggest selling manufacturer in the UK and outselling many household brand names!

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