Extended Warranty for all Lexmoto owners

We are now offering all Euro 5 motorcycles and scooters in the Lexmoto range a 2 year vehicle parts and labour warranty.

This means you are able to take your bike or scooter to ANY Lexmoto dealer within the UK for support from a Lexmoto technician (Participating dealers only).

Lexmoto's quality standards have increased year on year and we're not stopping now, so we have made our servicing schedules express our confidence in our products. We have also dropped the one size fits all approach and instead, we now have six tailored schedules depending on the model type the bike is.

In most cases, we have extended the time and mileage limitations, allowing you to go that bit further in between services. For example, across our 50cc range, the first service will be required at 500 miles or 4 months (whichever comes first) and the second service is now set at 2000 miles or 8 months.

Speak to your dealer for more information.

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