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Posted June 10, 2020

Bulgaria to Greece - Valiant becomes a heavyweight contender

When this story landed in our inbox it immediately put a smile across our faces. Hearing how Victor and his girlfriend, Aleksandra, use their Lexmoto Valiant to travel throughout their home country of Bulgaria and beyond is the reason why we bring these bikes to you.

Victor Colt and Aleksandra

Lexmoto Valiant

Varna, Bulgaria to Thassos, Greece.

Route from Varna to Thassos

"I've done many trips on my Lexmoto Valiant 125 (1st gen), but the latest one was me and my girl Aleksandra as a passenger riding to the Greek island of Thassos, and back. I bought it brand new from one of your official dealers in UK, paid some ridiculous sum for delivery to my country and had zero regrets. It came with lithium battery which never discharged, nothing on the engine needed replacement only chain oil plus filter was, so cheap and easy.

Victor Colt Lexmoto Valiant 1

Starting from our home town in Bulgaria called Varna. It was an approximately 900miles+ trip and yeah, even though we've done way longer ones before (last year we did a Europe trip of 7000km from Finland to Bulgaria) it was a big deal for me back then.
Before leaving all we did was lubricate the chain, Aleksandra hopped on the rear part of the seat and we fired it up straight to the border with Greece. Our backpack were full with swim suits and some powerlifting gear, because we were on our way to Thassos for a powerlifting competition... and guess what, we won.

Lexmoto Valiant Victor Colt 2

My Valiant did excellent in fuel economy aspect. The fact that it carried me, my girl and our stuff which is 170kg plus during this whole trip was excellent. It reached some crazy top speed of 130kmph on a downhill on the highway. This bike made me not only fall in love with the low cc engines, but appreciate what they are capable of. They may have some power related cons, but on the other hand there were so many pros.

When we came back and our only regrets was that we kind of rushed it. We should of taken a longer route, but we fixed that when Aleksandra planned the next destination. Honourable mention is that Bulgaria is full of waterfalls and nature landmarks. Firing up the Valiant to go toward one of them was a common thing to do.

victor colt lexmoto valiant 3

There is this thing in my country called the 100 national tourist monuments. They give you a booklet and there are 100 stamps on each monument scattered throughout the whole country which you have to collect in order to fill the booklet. Lots of folks have the booklets and collect them through their whole lives...I am proud to say that I got them all on 2 wheels. My Lexmoto wheels.

I had a great time being an owner of Lexmoto which I had in total for 12,000km and I loved it, no seriously, I loved the little two wheeled minion which was always there for me. Why?
Because it never failed me. Simple as that!"

Lexmoto Valiant - Victor Colt

What a story! Just goes to show how well these bikes can perform, even with two bodybuilders riding through the mountains. Congratulations Victor and Aleksandra you have both made it into the Lexmoto Adventure Club with flying colours.

If you have a 200 mile+ round trip that you've completed on your Lexmoto then get in touch. We'll send you an exclusive Adventure Club t-shirt and £50 CMPOPARTS.COM voucher.

Safe riding.

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