A2 License Guide

Once you are 19 or older you can start riding A2 category motorcycles. These machines are considerably more powerful and can produce up to 35kW (47bhp) at the rear wheel - enough to put a big a smile on your face!

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What does an A2 license allow me to do?

  • Ride without L plates
  • Ride on motorway
  • Take pillion passengers

There are two ways in getting an A2 license:

  • If you have 2 years’ experience on an A1 motorcycle and are between the ages of 19-23. You can apply to take the theory test and Mod1/Mod2 test.
  • If you are 24 years old or older you can take a theory test and the Direct Access course which includes CBT and the Mod1/Mod2 test.

Training - You might have held your CBT license for a while but it is worth taking some training days to learn how to handle these bigger bikes. Find a training school near you

Theory Test - This comes in two parts - a multiple choice question section and a hazard perception test.

Multiple choice - 50 questions about the Highway Code. Your score must be 43/50 or higher to pass.

Hazard Perception Test - Uou must identify hazards shown in 14 different video clips. Your score must be at least 47/75 or higher to pass.

Mod 1 - This is taken at a designated space that is not "on the road" and also has two parts - `Slow Speed` and `High Speed`.

Slow Speed -

  • manoeuvring the bike walking whilst stood alongside it
  • slalom/figure of eight
  • riding in a straight line at walking pace
  • U-turn

High Speed -

  • Controlled stop
  • Emergency stop
  • Avoidance exercise

Mod 2 - This is taken entirely on public roads with a DVSA examiner. Usually 40 minutes long.

After a few questions asked at the start by the examiner you will head out onto the road, having radio contact with your examiner. They will examine your ability to ride safely to a destination whilst reading road signs and road markings.

You must use a bike with at least 395cc and a maximum power output of 35kw (47bhp) for both modules. Most training schools will have A2 compliant bikes for you to use.

Guide Costing (Contact your local centre as prices vary)

  • CBT - £100+
  • Theory Test - £23 (Book here)
  • Training + Test (Mod1/Mod2) - £500+

Good luck and ride safe.

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