Posted May 15, 2021

Introducing our 2021 electric line-up

Introducing our 2021 electric line-up the Yadea G5, E-Lex and the all-new C1S. Three nippy little electric scooters that will change the way people commute in the big cities.

Partnering with Yadea, these zero-emission electric scooters are both an eco-friendly and affordable option for new riders. No stranger to the world of electric scooters and motorcycles, Yadea gives us access to proven technology that offers groundbreaking potential in the way we travel in urban areas.


The G5 features the most power of the three models with its 2.3kW (3.1hp) motor that can be ridden on an AM category licence, meaning it's available to both 16-year-olds and those who have passed their car driving test before 2001.

A large comfortable seat that doubles as under-seat storage, a large easy-to-read digital display and simple handlebar controls makes this scooter perfect for beginners.

The G5's battery can be removed in a matter of seconds, meaning that it can be taken out and charged indoors overnight, or taken to the office while at work for a top-up with a useable range of up to 55 miles*.


Find out more about the Yadea G5


The E-lex has been a part of the Lexmoto range for a while now and we knew it had to be brought into our 2021 line-up.

This nippy little scooter features a 1500w motor, easily removable twin batteries, zero-emission output and has a useable range of up to 55 miles*.

This scooter changes the accessibility of electrically-powered vehicles and will help to reduce harmful carbon emissions in built-up areas.


Find out more about the Euro 5 E-Lex


The latest addition to the range the C1S is an easy-to-ride electric alternative to public transport that will give you the freedom to commute when you want.

This twist n' go scooter comes packed with features like keyless ignition, large under-seat storage, digital display and most importantly removable batteries. These batteries power its 2.2kW motor that is perfect for beginners.

This small but mighty scooter has everything you need to tackle the city commute with ease.

*This range is depending on speed/weight/braking and other factors


Find out more about the new C1S


The positive impact on the environment for all three is recognised by the UK Government, who are keen to support the adaptation of electric vehicles. All three electric scooters are eligible to meet the OLEV grant scheme, which gives a 20% reduction from the RRP.


RRP Pre-grant £2,374.99
RRP with OLEV grant £1899.99


RRP Pre-grant £1,2124.99
RRP with OLEV grant £1699.99


RRP Pre-grant £2,624.99
RRP with OLEV grant £2099.99


*All prices displayed are correct at the time of posting and may be different now.

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